• Chen Zhang San 1895

  • Dated Shi Yi Chou Zhong Xia, mid summer 1925
    From the estate of Porter Edward Sargent (1872-1951)
    Distinguished educator, world traveler and publisher of The Handbook of Private Schools

  • Geng Zi Zhong Xia Painted mid summer 1900

  • From Georgia Estate

  • Signed "Liu Qiao painted"
    From the Estate of "David Loring Nicoll
    Quinn's & Waverly Auction Galleries, Falls Church, VA

  • Signed "Liu Qiao painted"
    From Natrona Heights PA family estate sale
    The grandson remembered them from his childhood visits in the 1950's. This bottle is at least pre 50's

  • Baltimore Antique Shop

  • Baltimore Antique Shop

  • Baltimore Antique Shop

  • Neal Auction House, New Orleans

  • Mountain Home, AR Estate

  • UK Estate

  • no information

  • Yi Qing 1985

  • Signed Xiao Wu, Purchased from Phylis Kaufman Denver, Co dealer

  • Chang Bai Mountain
    Neal Auction House, New Orleans, LA

  • Purchased from American Snuff Bottle Society member 1970's

  • Signed Xue Shaofu - Iowa Estate

  • Signed Xue Shaofu - Mountain Home, Arkansas Estate

  • Signed Xue Shaofu - Mountain Home, Arizona Estate

  • Austrian Collection - possibly Republic Period

  • Signed Pu Dated 1914 (74?), Tom Harris Auctions, Iowa

  • Signed Pu Dated 1914 (74?), California Estate

  • Southampton, NY Estate "Painted in summer month"

  • 1920's

  • Purchased by ship's doctor who sailed in the orient in the late 1800's early 1900's. Probably from Shandong school.

  • Signed Tang Tzu Chuan, Middle School period

  • Signed Xin Yong Tian - New Zealand collection, possibly Pre Boxer rebellion

  • Signed Tang Tzu Chuan - Florida estate

  • Signed Ye Family Studio, Jin Hing and Co., CA

  • Signed Ye Zhong San - Longmeadow, Massachusetts

  • Painted by Ye Zhong San in the winter month of 1935

  • History of thisbo ttle

  • Legend displayed on this bottle

  • 诃化三娘 He Hua San Niang Lotus three ladies (?)
    Washington State

  • Blue glass: Purchased in East Long Island, New York. Known history to WW II

  • Mt Dora Florida estate. Estimated date 1920's

  • New Jersey Estate

  • Hua Gu Zi, Jiao Ming ( Liao Zhai Ghost stories)